Our 5,000 sq ft. commercial kitchen and storage is a welcoming space for food ideas to grow!

Why Toronto Commercial Kitchen?

We offer the biggest frozen storage food rental in Toronto! Have access to our blast chiller and massive walk-in freezers for storage.


About Us

We LOVE to cook and foster an entrepreneurial culture at the Toronto Commercial Kitchen. If you're looking to start or expand your food business, we would love to work together!


Book flexible, short-term or long-term space to cook and store your food.


No lease, no problem. Dramatically reduce fixed overhead costs.

Stocked and equipped

5,000 sq ft space, 12 types of equipment, and the biggest freezer space in the commercial kitchen rental market in Toronto!

No person capacity

Ample space for a large group of people to cook and work collaboratively.

DineSafe Certified

Kitchen facility upholds the highest health and safety protocol and has DineSafe certification.

Foodie Community

Have access to a wide network of local foodies and entrepreneurs!

Are you ready to check out our kitchen?